Conservative pundit Tomi Lahren is getting a new segment on The Blaze where she gets to showcase her ability to “tell it like it is”. Ya heard? You know that’s right! “Tomi Teaches” will feature 30 minutes of the beautiful Tomi Lahren explaining to various black people why everything they are doing is wrong, and offensive to real Americans, and why rules don’t always apply to white people. Popular segments include “Reverse Racism Review” where Tomi Lahren will identify incidents of reverse racism in America.  “When rich, black football players like Colin Kaepernick sit out our national anthem but exclaim “Black Lives Matter” that’s just ridiculous.  I have a real problem with this, in this country. If he has a problem with our national anthem he can find a new country’s flag to sing over. Maybe he’d prefer Kenya?” the blonde beauty Tomi Lahren wonders much to the agreement of her all white TV audience.  Is this show the breath of fresh air America needs right now? Is this the way to make America great again?