Friday, August 4th, 2017 marked Barack Obama’s 56th birthday. Unsurprisingly, Obama’s birthday led the media to lose its collective mind with the internet full of stories clarifying the reasons why almost everyone missed President Obama. In other words the day made such a big deal for the guy, it was as if he was still the president. Although not yet legal, fans of Obama treated the day like an official Obama Day Holiday, making #obamaday a trending topic on Twitter.

Of course, not everyone was on-board with the idea. President trump took to announce Obama Day, though in a satirical manner. He made the tweet “Happy Birthday, Obama. Hope you are enjoying watching your failed legacy being torched by a real president. Have a great day! #ObamaDay”. President Trump’s tweets are known to have the power to shape international relations, send stock prices up or down, and even galvanize the American public. In this case, President Trump’s acknowledgement of Obama by his standing in the moment seemed more than just a simple recognition of his birth inheritance or history. Following his recent admittance of how challenging it has been to repeal the healthcare law, it was only obvious for president Trump to be swayed by the melody of majority who acclaimed Obama as a great leader.

As if it was not enough for Clinton to lose, President Trump cannot seem to have enough of it. He takes every opportunity that arises to rub it in on Hillary that she missed the chance to be celebrated as a great president. But even so, with the growing critical voice from the public in response to President Trump dramatic rule, he is not safe either. Nevertheless, Obama day simply stamped the fact that the American people are already nostalgic of Obama’s rule. I guess we are all wondering what legacy to expect from the current presidential office holder!