Bob Raider is speaking out about his addiction to the Internet. He says he always knew having a smartphone with a data plan wasn’t helping, but it was the release of Google Glass that took his addiction to a whole new level. No matter where Bob went, he was connected to the Internet 24/7. He even slept with Google Glass on and had it wake him up via an alarm clock every two hours so he could check his Facebook updates.

At first, just like with any addiction, Bob thought that Google Glass was helping him become a better person. He would use his all-knowing gadget to enhance his knowledge about the world. Take for example when he used Google Glass to learn about local charities that needed volunteers. He’s now a regular volunteer at the Socks and Boxes charity, making sure people everywhere always have a drawer full of socks.

It wasn’t until one day on his way home from volunteering that Bob noticed something was wrong. He was driving using one eye and uploading pictures from the day’s activities using the other one. One of the pictures showed a little girl picking up her box of socks at the corner of Warm Tolls Rd and BS Ave. Bob forgot that he was looking at a picture and instead thought he was supposed to make a right turn. He drove straight into a light pole, knocking out the electricity for everyone in the neighborhood for more than eight hours. Bob felt horrible for what he did, but he found hope in knowing that everyone would at least have warm feet on that cold winter’s night.

Looking back, Bob realizes that he should have quit using Google Glass after the light pole incident, and he did try to give up the glasses for two hours one time, but he just couldn’t do it. It wasn’t until three months later that he knew he really needed help. Every time he would leave the house, the neighbor kids would yell out something like “Google Glass, show me images of diarrhea.” “Google Glass, show me images of vomit.” These images haunted him at night. He kept telling the children to leave him alone, but kids will be kids, and they found much humor in torturing him.

Bob finally went to treatment and gave up the glasses. He says this has significantly helped him break his addiction to the Internet. At his treatment graduation, he said he wants Internet lovers everywhere to know “that the Internet is a beautiful thing. If you’re not careful, though, it will consume you. But there is hope. And to all those who have not suffered from an addiction to the Internet, when it comes to Google Glass, just say no.”