In a news conference this morning, President Donald Trump made some startling threats to Twitter and its users. Recently, the President’s Twitter had been temporarily shut down for eleven minutes by an employee who is no longer with the company. To no surprise, Trump had some choice words, and strong accusations, to offer reporters.

The President started off by addressing the deletion of his account as “domestic terror”. He went on claim that the act was committed not by a lone wolf, but a hoard of millennial terrorists.

“This is a threat to the very fabric of our nation,” Trump said. “I have the CIA–some very good people, the best at what they do, absolutely phenomenal–investigating this horrific attack against our constitutional rights. What kind of world are we living in, where these cyber thugs target their own leader? Why silence me just because I have things to say? Some of the best things, might I add.”

MSNBC reports that the President then went on to speak of the consequences for these actions. “If we don’t get to the bottom of this, I’ll have no choice but to take control of Twitter myself. The whole website. Every account. This will be the greatest achievement in the fight for freedom of speech if Twitter doesn’t start controlling its rogue employees.”

Fox News claims that, should this issue progress, more than 300 million accounts will be claimed by the US government and transferred to a server overseas for safe keeping, presumably in Russia. Many Americans are left questioning if this is an authoritarian action, or perhaps both a blessing and a curse; a means to escape the covfefe-induced hell that their leader has created on the networking site. From there, President Trump will have free reign to tweet as much as his heart desires to an audience of zero users.

The social media platform has yet to address these threats.