Supermodel Kate Upton Embarks on a New Career!

Beautiful young women may have dreams of a modeling career and why not? If you’ve got what it takes, take what it gets. But even beautiful women-turned-models have their own hang-ups and in supermodel (and sometime movie actress) Kate Upton’s case; it’s not about looks, but more about perception. Recently, our girl Kate took a lot of flack because she was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated even though, or maybe especially because, she is not an athlete. Well, Sports Illustrated always features hot looking ladies on their swimsuit edition covers – Kate, several times – but she wants more than that. So what to do? Try out for the Women’s National Basketball Association, or, WNBA.

“There are a lot of beautiful women in the WNBA, so why not?” says Upton. “Skylar Diggins, Leilani Mitchell, Candace Parker, Jennifer Lacy … they’re all gorgeous and if they can do it, so can I,” she added.

Diggins, an attractive guard with the Tulsa Shock, is a multi-year all-star in the WNBA. Mitchell, who could have a modeling career of her own, has played guard for a handful of teams in the WNBA, currently with Phoenix. The sweet face and over-six-foot-frame of Parker graces the court for the Los Angeles Sparks and Lacy, a forward with the Sparks, can bring the boys to the yard.

Who can use the basketball talents of Kate Upton? Perhaps she can add a little spark the Seattle Storm, San Antonio Stars or Atlanta Dream – these teams can use a boost on their playing courts. The minimum age for the WNBA is 22 years old; Kate, born in 1992, is eligible. She has expressed interest in any teams that are close to her childhood home base of Michigan but would entertain other interests because of her broad and ever-changing travel schedule.

With the beautiful, blonde, five foot-ten inch tall Kate Upton in the WNBA, viewership is bound to increase in both the coveted male and female demographics, says former WNBA president Laurel J. Ritchie, who stepped down from the league’s leadership position in 2015. The gorgeous Kate Upton is bound to fill out any uniform with her 33-25-36 figure. With Upton on the court, the terms “rebound,” “bounce or chest pass,” “3 and D,” “double-double,” and “heating up” will have brand new meanings!

Here’s to hoping the ever-versatile Kate Upton becomes the WNBA’s new rebound leader.

If you don’t currently follow Women’s basketball, would this get you interested?