Jameis Winston is known as the resilient quarterback of the Florida State Seminoles. He is a Heisman Trophy winner who can’t seem to stay out of trouble or out of the news. Among other things, the quarterback has been linked to stealing soda from a fast food restaurant, a rape allegation, shooting out windows with a BB gun, and screaming obscenities while standing on top of a table at the FSU student union. Most recently he has been accused of signing over 900 items for sale. Yet no allegations, no charges, seem to stick.

Now, there may be more to that infamous security video of the quarterback stealing crab legs from a Florida grocery store. It seems there is speculation about his skills as an amateur chef. So much so, that a new line of Jameis Winston Cookware is rumored to be in the works. The cookware is designed to be much like Winston himself. It creates its own hot water and nothing ever seems to stick to it.