In a move to guarantee they win the White House, the GOP has decided to stop reminiscing about the Reagan years and renominate him.

It seems every Republican primary dissolves into a debate over which candidate is the rightful inheritor of the Reagan legacy of lower taxes, strong national defense and pride in country,

Therefore, instead of just wishing Reagan was here to guide them, the party has decided to bring him back to life, in a sense.

Party leaders noticed the popularity of the 2012 holographic performance by deceased rapper Tupac Shakur in California. They plan to use the same technology to put Reagan back on the campaign trail and into the White House.

This will be the birth of the 21st century presidency, say Republicans. The first president who speaks to the people as a holographic image will be history making.

The term limit law will not apply, Republicans contend, because Regan will be living his second life and deserves the chance to serve the country.

Who knows, maybe George Washington will be next?