Without a doubt, plump and pouty lips are all the rage in the world of fashion. Many young women are willing to try anything to achieve alluring, full lips. In fact, millions of women have tried the Kylie Jenner challenge in hopes of attaining the famed ‘Kylie’ look.

The Kylie Jenner challenge involves sucking on a shot glass for as long as comfortably possible. Unfortunately, a quick search on Google Images will reveal that this challenge proved to be a huge fail for most. At best, those who attempted the challenge ended up with excessively plump lips akin to the behind of a baboon. At worst, young women ended up with monstrous lips adorned with red and purple bruises. Most certainly, the Kylie Jenner challenge left many disappointed and in severe pain.

Fortunately, those who are still desperate to achieve the ‘Kylie’ look no longer have to depend on the lackluster Kylie Jenner challenge. Now, users can simply smoke their way to beautiful, fuller lips.

Recently, botanists (weed scientist AKA, POTanists lol) have developed an entirely new strain of medical marijuana that experts predict will eventually blow up in the fashion world. This medical marijuana strain causes the lips of the user to swell so much that they resemble the lips of the second youngest Kardashian sister. Appropriately, scientists named this medical marijuana strain “Kylie Jenner Lips.”

So far, clinical study subjects have praised this medical marijuana strain for its effectiveness. Not only are the results natural-looking, but the strain doesn’t cause any bruises to develop on the user’s lips. Best of all, unlike that of the Kylie Jenner challenge, the results of the use of this medical marijuana strain are permanent. However, it is expected that users will have to smoke Kylie Jenner Lips at least once every few months for a touch-up.

Once this medical marijuana strain hits the market, it is expected that the number of girls and young women walking around with Kylie Jenner-esque lips will increase triple-fold. Potheads will now mean puffy lips for these medical marijuana users who don’t want to go under the knife for dramatic looks. Is pot still harmless if it turns you into a Kardashian?