A Colorado mom has admitted that it was her and not the Great Pumpkin that ate all her kids Halloween candy. Asked why, she said “Because I got high”. Although she admitted responsibility and apologized to her children, she also made the distinction that technically she hadn’t eaten all the candy because there were still kernels of candy corn and half a pack of smarties left. The mother of two also admitted that she was planning to tell her children that she had eaten all of the candy, play it off as part of Jimmy Kimmel’s annual post Halloween YouTube challenge, and replenish the candy by hitting drugstore discount candy sales while the children were at school on November 1st. Unfortunately, the scheme backfired when one of the children found all of the empty candy wrappers stashed inside a Raisin Bran box.

“I thought for sure they would never look there, but when they couldn’t find candy they turned to cereal in desperation for their daily sugar fix,” said the mother, who declined to give her name.