Walt Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars franchise along with the Marvel comic world, has allowed for many opportunities only dreamed up in Tumblr fan-fiction. J. J. Abrams in a recent interview with Starfanz Weekly, has announced that he will be including Chris Hemsworth’s fan favorite “Thor” character into the Star Wars universe. Fans have been tweeting their thoughts stating the decision was one of “pure joy” to “totally a waste of my time”. While Abrams decision is a new one in context with the Star Wars series, Chris Hemsworth felt that it had been in the works for years stating, “Thor was always meant to reign to the side of Skywalker, as it ties into a much greater Viking heritage that is only now being discovered within the futuristic empire”.

The addition of Marvel characters to the Star Wars universe brings up many concerns amongst Star Wars fans. Will this addition mean that normal Disney characters have a chance of being added to the series? Will there big a Jedi Mickey Mouse? Chris Hemsworth as Thor in the film only opens up a large can of worms that cannot be ignored by sci-fi fans across the globe. Unfortunately Thor is going to become a crucial part of the Star Wars universe and fans must accept Abrams decision to include the character.

One thing is for sure, the deal is sure to be a very lucrative one. Disney speculates that the deal could bring an additional $35 million dollars of quarterly revenue to the company. This makes Hemsworth a very popular guy in Hollywood and establishes him as one of the most in demand actors currently in front of the camera. Disney’s recent success with the Marvel franchise define many opportunities to translate their success over to the Star Wars universe as well. Bringing in a Hollywood star from outside of the franchise, is sure to create more excitement around the film itself.

We have to stop and ask ourselves, what would Mr. Walt Disney think of all of this? Would Walk enjoy the changing and shifting that Disney has undergone, or would he prefer that Disney remain what he had initially created and had in his brain. Chris Hemsworth is a far cry from the imagined land of a steam engine chugging down a river with a Mouse at its helm. The “wonderful world of Disney,” is more like the “wonderful world of Star Wars, Marvel, and some Disney thrown in”. Things have changed and we aren’t quite sure that fans will want to accept that change.

Moving forward it will be interesting to see where the Star Wars universe journeys. Hemsworth’s addition to the script means that the movie series will become even more memorable to fans and sets the stage for possibilities that were not previously imagined by fans. Knowing that the series can be taken to new heights means that writers are able to mess about with concepts and ideas that were otherwise foreign to the series. Star Wars 7 is set to be one of the most epic films in the series. Disney has remained a child friendly cartoon and musical based company. With the acquisition of Star Wars and Marvel, it appears now as a much different Disney than it ever was when Walt was around.

Additions to Star Wars allow new celebrities to get in on the action and be able to live their childhood dreams. Being one of the nation’s most beloved series, Star Wars continues to create a majestic landscape that could only be presented by Lucas Arts and Disney. What does Chris Hemsworth being in the film as Thor mean to you? Does it change how you feel about the Star Wars franchise? Let us know if you still plan on seeing the film, or if these changes mean you will be avoiding the force altogether.