With all the debate these days about legalizing Marijuana, it is great to know that many people find marijuana to be helpful for a variety of reasons. Gone are the days when pot users were called stoners and potheads. What exactly makes marijuana so awesome? We ask a scientist. Mr Scientist! 1) The fiber in Marijuana plants, or hemp, can be cultivated to make various products. These include paper, rope and even fabrics. Pot is cheap to grow and cultivate so just think of a world with cheaper paper, rope and fabrics. The leftovers after cultivation can still be smoked! Talk about a win- win situation! 2) Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Marijuana has been proven to help many medical illnesses and issues. The list runs the gamut from cancer to seizures to tremors. In fact, the list is so long, most everyone can find a medical reason to smoke marijuana. It’s not legal to smoke in your state? Colorado still has plenty of room for newcomers! 3) Think about the fact that Marijuana tends to induce a peaceful feeling in it’s users. Now imagine the entire world smoking pot at the same time. No more war or fights… well, at least till the high burns off! With the abundance of Marijuana on planet earth, there is enough for all of the planet to smoke a joint every two hours for a continuous effect! 4) Is your fridge overstocked? Do you have food that isn’t too popular with your family? Nothing cleans out a fridge and food pantry like smoking a joint! Then you are all set to make another trip to the grocery store. Just ensure that you do it slightly high so you can clear the shelves! As you can see, Marijuana is the best plant to ever grow on planet earth! Who knew it was totally awesome and had so many benefits? Just remember, you too can be like Harrison Ford’s character in Star Wars. A few joints and you too can join the ranks of Hans So-High!


Wait, what?