Music Industry Insiders Say Taylor Swift Pregnant with Baby of Rapper Eminem.

Eminem and Taylor Swift woke up in bed together two months ago, according to inside sources. Who would have thought? Rap meets country.

The two appear to have nothing in common. One is a hardcore rapper, known for witty, yet profane, lyrics. The other is a down-home, young woman, who speaks with a country twang. Add to these differences, the almost twenty-year age gap (Eminem is 42, while Swift is 24) and you have an odd-couple for sure. Yet, the two, we now know, hooked up, as they say, at least once.

It all began when Eminem and Swift sat near each other at an awards banquet. At first, there was little interaction between the two, besides the usual introductory pleasantries; then, the topic switched to music, and the conversation became lively. Eminem admitted to listening to Johnny Cash, the country legend, as a kid, and Swift countered that she remains a sucker for Run-DMC’s “Walk This Way.”

The two shared a laugh over their secret passions. Then, Eminem leaned over and asked Swift if she had any other undercover vices. They were later seen laughing and heading out of the building.

The next morning, hotel housekeeping found the two celebrities passed out in a bed. Neither star could recall much of what took place after they stopped at a convenience store for some beers. There were two half-smoked marijuana blunts in the table ashtray, according to the housekeeping supervisor. Swift and Eminem received a few hours to clear their heads, call for rides and check out of the hotel.

Now, two months later it appears Swift is expecting a baby. Reading, Pennsylvania, locals saw Swift return to her hometown with an unknown man sporting a black hoodie that covered much of his face. She and the man entered the office of the Swift family’s longtime doctor during the late afternoon.

An argument ensured in the lobby on the way out the door. The other patients then realized the man was Eminem. Swift and he could not agree on what to name the child. Eminem pulled out his cell phone shouting, “I’ll call my man, Kanye, and his lady Kim. They’ll settle this!”

Apparently, the “Kanye” and “Kim” mentioned were Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, who bore a child they named North West in 2013. Swift told him to go ahead and call, “Kim is cool with me.” The country star made no reference to Kanye, with whom she had a public dispute years ago.

West and Kardashian advised the expecting couple that their baby needs an easy to remember name but they are both incredibly stupid. It was then that Eminem and Swift agreed to name the baby “Eight Mile Fearless,” in honor of the street Eminem was raised on (Eight Mile Road in Detroit) and Swift’s second album (Fearless).