Just weeks after Apple’s iCloud service made international headlines for exposing the private and sordid photographs of dozens of actresses to the Internet at large, Apple has rebranded the service the “iMe.” The new service operates much the same way the old one did, but with one important difference - all passwords have been removed and now cloud-based storage accounts are automatically available to anyone else at all times.

Apple’s chief engineer of the iMe project, Gordon Shumway, was quoted as saying “After the so-called iCloud scandal, we realized what so many in the media were obviously missing: nobody cares about privacy anyway. Our users want to be able to see what other people are storing in their iCloud accounts easily and at all times. This is just our way to service those goals for everyone involved.”

Reaction to the launch of the new iMe cloud-based storage platform has been overwhelmingly positive from Apple’s notoriously die hard fan base. One user, a self-proclaimed “Apple #1 Superfan Extraordinaire” who wished to remain anonymous, however, expressed slight disappointment. He was quoted as saying “It’s now so easy to see my favorite actresses naked that it almost isn’t fun anymore.”