Husbands all across the nation are becoming more interested in Botox, and not for themselves, but for their wives. In an attempt to have the perfect trophy wife hanging on their arms, they are noticing Botox can go a long way in helping them achieve this goal. And moreso, by mixing Botox and booze together, the results are proving to be exceedingly far more effective than they ever thought possible.

The standard Botox and booze combination procedure usually goes something like this:

1) Wife wakes up and gets Botox procedure.

2) She stays at her mom’s house for five days until the results have reached their full potential.

3) On her way home, she calls her husband who then throws back three shots of bourbon in less than 20 minutes.

4) When the wife walks through the door, the husband takes another shot to celebrate his looking-better-than-ever-before wife.

Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon Dr. Richard Rodriguez said to, “I can’t believe we didn’t think of this sooner. The Botox improves the women’s appearance, while the alcohol increases the male’s tolerance for bullshit. Revolutionary, really.”

We agree.