Shtoh eto Moscow? With the Russian economy as cold as Siberia in December What options does Putin have to improve conditions?

The United States has been pushing around some nations recently, yet Vladimir Putin is not going to give up easy to the strong arm of an empire, despite sanctions and various other pressures.

This makes it hard for his people to have access to money. Peril befalls upon Putin as he reaches into his pocket to find the equivalent of sawdust for money.

News spreads that Bitcoin will be the substitute. Yet traditional items like jeans and automobiles are being left on shelves to collect dust. Cigarette sales also fell by 45 percent.

The ruble can’t buy people time from starvation as advancements in Bitcoin technology are delayed. It’s a more complicated system than Putin expected.

It was designed to be uncontrollable by a single nation to start with.

Russia’s recession is disabling the President from putting Kremlin smart phones into citizens’ hands as planned. The developments are a “first in history” as even vodka, which accounts for 10 percent of the GDP, can’t be purchased by average citizens.

With enormous value being stripped from the country, due to sanctions and lower oil prices, Russians are longer able to buy their ever favorite items.

Google stock may fall drastically over news that Russian sales of dash cams are slowing, a major source of YouTube views. Bitcoin trades 34 points higher however: a rally from investors now benefiting from Russia’s demand spike.

There are no other options as the nation’s currency has a monetary value of toilet paper.

This country will also be “wiped away” if an intervention is not made. Russians have very little access to Bitcoin currency as 75 percent of population are without basic Internet access. Western devices are also being recalled.

Could a desperate Putin launch us into nuclear war?