There has been a lot of talk about the secrecy in the Hillary Clinton campaign camp. Reporters want to know just what her role was in certain scandals during her term as Secretary of State under President Obama. They also want the release of emails sent and received from official State Department computers.

So, with so much talk about transparency, Hillary Clinton seems to have one-upped her doubters this time. If elected, she promises one of the most open administrations in American history. When probed by pundits, Clinton dropped a bombshell. Her open records policy will include top-secret government projects in Area 51, the long-believed location of aliens and UFO aircraft that have visited Earth.

Clinton says she knows some about what to expect. Apparently, her husband, former President Bill Clinton, often talked in his sleep after eating Big Macs late at night. Hillary says she knows that there is some sort of alien landing site in the Nevada desert. Whether the facility is operational is something she admits to having no knowledge.

For generations, rumors of UFOs have circulated among science fiction buffs. Now, they could have the opportunity to find out just what is at Area 51. That is, if Clinton wins.

What do you think is really going on at Area 51? Nuclear tests? Secret government engineering? Alien experiments? Vote for Clinton, and you may find out!