The two retail food behemoths of the past century, Coca-Cola and McDonalds, last month announced their partnership to create the Big Mac Soda. For the young and old, the Big Mac Soda is the meatiest solution to end the hunger and thirst for food. Americans are fat and lazy, so this is really only the next logical step.

The story of the Big Mac Soda is a remarkable one. The companies have reported that they would be launching the new product in restaurants and vending machines across the globe. The search for a combination of burger and cola began when the sales of the fast food giants declined over young people’s preferences for smoothies. Under pressure, Coca-Cola and McDonalds took concerted action and successfully birthed their new child, the Big Mac Soda. Although not many have imbibed this miracle potion, taste testing groups have sung its praises. The CEO of both Coca-Cola and McDonalds now proudly extoll the qualities of the Big Mac Soda vouching that what was once considered to be a foodie’s dream had become a reality.

Even though Big Mac Soda passed the taste test, letting go of the stand alone burger and Coca-Cola will be tough.