Louisiana restaurant enthusiast Patty Knutson was shocked when she ordered her favorite kidney bean soup, only to discover the ugly truth: President Barack Obama had allowed a fly to contaminate her soup.

“It’s an outrage. A travesty, you know?” Patty said, sitting outside of the restaurant. “Everyone keeps talking about how Obama was going to fix everything. Heck, I was even one of them!” she said, pausing to collect herself. “But now, I just don’t know how I can keep going with this level of injustice. If I can’t even order my soup in peace, what am I supposed to do?”

Chef and restaurant owner Ben Simmons gave her a full refund and apologized, but agreed that the damage had already been done. “It just sickens me that I was complicit in something like this. No amount of effort could make up for it on my end. We can only hope that our President does something to fix this!”

Barack Obama could not be reached for questioning.