ROSWELL, NM – The Roswell School Board announces that the extraterrestrial language of Klingon will be added to the foreign language curriculum at the district’s high school. Effective at the start of the 2015-2016 school year, all students attending Roswell High will be required to take two years of Klingon in order to fulfill their graduation requirements.

“We live in an intergalactic society, and the future our students depends on them competing not just at a local and global level, but also at a galaxy level,” said Peter Pearsons, Roswell High School’s principal. “Our neighboring school districts teach Spanish and Mandarin, but we know the best way to prepare our students for future challenges is to teach them a language spoken by an alien race that human beings have close economic ties to.”

Mr. Pearsons, a self-proclaimed “Trekkie,” currently resides in a trailer behind the local 7-Eleven and is fluent in Klingon.