Regardless of which side of the issue you stand on, everyone agrees that it’s fun to talk about whether or not people who were genetically born as male should be able to use the bathroom with the gender they identify with and vice versa. We talked to people to find out more.

“I mean, I don’t have kids or really a bone to pick in this fight, but I definitely have an opinion and it feels good to express it,” says one 23-year old female. She went on to say that she’d been talking about it a lot with co-workers. “I mean, when you don’t know what else to say, why not condemn people you don’t know on an issue that seems safe to have a strong opinion about?”

Another 45-year-old male spent hours screaming about the safety and welfare of his family while arguing with opposition forces on Twitter. When asked what he would be doing with his time had he not chosen to take to social media to perform a public outcry, the man shrugged and said “I don’t know. I guess spending time with my family?”

Many people think the reason why this is so fun is because we all have to use the bathroom at some point. It’s very difficult not to have your own associations with the experience, and this gives you a chance to talk about it on an even deeper level. Maybe we’ve even used a bathroom with a transgender person and didn’t even know it! That discussion alone has fueled hours of conversation that may have otherwise been filled talking about the weather or a hobby.

It’s unclear how much longer this will be fun for everyone, but experts say that this will probably stay strong until at least the next controversial topic comes along. After extensive scientific research, they’ve come to believe that people of all kinds enjoy getting riled up so they can see and hear the shocked that stems from having an opinion about a national discussion.