Over the last couple weeks, an Etsy shop featuring original artwork by Trevor Ryan has generated buzz over social media for having “really cool stuff,” according to fellow art major, Ryan, since graduating in May of last year, is pursuing an art career mainly through the online peer-to-peer commerce site.

“No one hired me out of college, so I figured I would make it on my own,” said the not-at-all delusional artist. “I think my work will take off on Etsy.”

The original post, by current student Marina Franklin, contained a tribute to Ryan’s work, reading, “So, my friend Trevor makes artwork and it is really good! If you want to do yourself and your eyes a favor, check out his AMAZING work at his Etsy shop! And if you like it, you can even buy it!”

When asked about the Facebook post, Ryan commented, “It was really cool of her to do that for me. I just, like, mentioned how great a shout-out would be in passing. I think it will really generate business.”

A couple hours after Franklin’s post, Ryan posted a link on his own timeline, “So I made some artwork…Check it out if you have the time.”

After perusing Ryan’s Etsy shop, college friend Matthew Kreuger reportedly commented, “Wow! 65 dollars for an ink print of a clown standing in Congress? What a great deal!”

Other commentators were reportedly more introspective and confused in their reaction, but no less in awe of Ryan’s work. “The clown…in Congress. Hmm. It’s there, I know there’s a subtle point. I think it has a lot of layers.”

When asked what he’ll do with the money, Ryan said, “I’m going to try to get enough money saved up to move out of my parent’s house. Jeff and Eric have an extra room. It’s, like, really aesthetically pleasing too.”