On the heels of the release of the iPhone6, anticipation turns to what lies ahead for the iPhone.

We have learned that in reaction for consumer desires for larger screens with more intuitive keyboards, the new iPhone7 will have a full 17 inch monitor that will be connected to a separate CPU unit. A full size keyboard will be available that can also be easily connected to the CPU unit via a USB port. Users will be able to print from their iPhone7 by plugging in a choice of matrix dot or laser printers directly to the unit.

In efforts to increase reliability, the new iPhone7 is anticipated to connect directly to telephone landlines through a modem. Complete programs will be able to be downloaded online, or through the use of a CD ROM, conveniently placed into the CPU.

Because of the size of the new iPhone7, the unit is expected to be used mainly from the top of desks. Apple is calling it “Retro” to remind consumers from whence they came and to appreciate what has been done for them..